Bonobithi Biswas


Crescendo: Passion on Wings

Tentoonstelling van 4 tot en met 10 februari 2022.
Elke dag open van 9u tot 20u.

About the Artist

Bonobithi’s journey in the world of art began as a toddler, at the age of four, when she first started playing with colours. The enigma of paints mixing into one another is a fascination she has never been able to get over. At the age of five, she started training under her mentor, the acclaimed painter of international repute, Artist Sayaram Waghmare. For more than fifteen years now, she has learnt under his guidance the various aspects of the visual arts. She firmly believes that art is the practice of a lifetime, and thus, is still a field largely owing to the ancient workshop traditions of apprenticeship under the direct supervision of a master. Hence, she chose to obtain her training in art through this mode of thorough learning.

Currently, Bonobithi is also training in art conservation at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA), Belgium, working under the direct supervision of Gwen Borms, Head of the conservation studio, KMSKA.

She has explored various media, among them oil on canvas, acrylic, water colours, gouache, pencil, ink, charcoal, pastel. About five years ago, she started specializing in her field of interest, nature painting inspired from the impressionistic traditions of late nineteenth century Europe. Although she continues to make studies from time to time in other media, oil is currently her chief medium of work. Bonobithi is constantly exploring various avenues in the use of colour and stroke, seeking a balance between texture and finesse. She has tried to forge her personal style, which markedly leans towards abstract impressions of reality as she perceives it. The blurring of contours gives one access to an infinity of blended shades, and in that kaleidoscope of beauty, she believes she can glimpse a commonality of all forms, a vision of her inner world, tending finally to a pursuit of truth.


About the exhibition

Crescendo: Passion on Wings is a reflection of the heart. The artworks in this collection are essentially impressions of Nature, where the word “Nature” encompasses all of the living and non-living world around us and including us. In this sense, it is an attempt to understand Life itself. The world passes before our eyes every day. The artist attempts to grasp this transience, the flitting of light, moving shadows, the ever-changing form and hues of clouds, the changing seasons, the impermanence of moments, the ebb and flow of human bonds, and their lasting impression on the heart. “Everything is a sacrifice to your memory.” A piece of art is the hologram of life on the artist’s heart, in passing.

Over millennia of poetic verse, art has been often referred to as a form of cathartic expression. If art is love, the act of artistic creation analogous to the act of love-making, both reach a climax, a crescendo, a point of fulfilment, relief and dissipation. The works in this collection reflect the point where art takes the form of complete communication, a language in its own right. It reaches its peak of passion, the highest note in its musical array, where the colours and the strokes seem to cry out to the world, “Recognise us! Understand the voice that utters us, for it knows no other language to convey what it feels.” This exhibition aims to showcase the source of our passions and their connection with the breathing universe that surrounds us, and to try to understand them without asking for a cause.