Pooneh Sahafi


Close, far away

Expositie met Christiaan Huybrechts van 29 september - 12 oktober 2023.
Vernissage op zaterdag 30 september van 15u-18u.
Elke dag open van 11u-17u.  Maandag gesloten.


Pooneh Sahafi, °1996/Tehran, Iran.
Lives and works in Semnan.
Bachelor of painting from Semnan University of Arts.

Endless stomach, solo exhibition, Semnan Kumesh
Group exhibition, Idea Gallery, Tehran, 2017
Versus, group exhibiton, Iranian Art House, 2019
Sako Magazine, exhibition group, Sako Art Gallery, Tehran, 2019
Group exhibition, Aria Gallery, 2020
Young talents of Semnan, group exhibition, Dange Gallery, 2021
Solo exhibition of Semnan Art Department
Self Portrait, exhibition Iranian Art House
Gallery gallery, group exhibition, Antwerp, 2022
Artist-run initiative called
Solo exhibition, Shahriyaran Gallery, Tehran, 2023

Painting for me feels like living in the moment. Like the wind blowing through flowers. Like talking to a tree. 
I hear what the tree is saying and I want to tell you too. He says keep calm and dance. Work in any situation.
I care about you. Don't worry! painting is living for me.

I talk to you through my painting, can you hear me?

I may sometimes tell my problems. Sometimes I paint the smell of nature. Or sometimes I have a conversation with you.
Or introduce you to the creatures that live with me.